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Irem's Big Fez gets a makeover

21 New Fez 13

The Big Fez has stood at the junction of Irem Road and Route 309, as a landmark, for 50- 60 years. Potentate Harry Reed had an idea to refurbish it, but an inspection of the metal frame confirmed that this was not possible due to rust and corrosion. When the Potentate mentioned this at a Uniformed Units meeting, Noble Gary Curran of the Clown unit told me he could build a new one, Potentate Harry Reed told him that would be great. After mentioning the project to the Provost Guard at their monthly meeting, Noble Gino Trasciatti advised the Divan that he could do the masonry work to build new supports for the Fez, Illustrious Sir Harry Reed told him to go ahead. By now, we are sure you have seen the results of their work. Thanks to Gary’s metal fabrication and Gino’s new supports, a new Fez is constructed. All the time, talent, hard work, and materials have been donated by Gary and Gino! Thanks, Nobles! The painting and finishing have been donated by the local body shop Quality Collision of Dallas and their General Manager John Wanner. There is some minor stonework, some landscaping to do, and hopefully, this Fez will last for another 50-60 years. Great job everyone!

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